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Color Therapy By CubeDecors (8 Apr,2018)

Always confused about the colors that need to go in your house? Some are too bright, some are too dull and striking a balance between them must always seem like such a task.

Well, here we are giving you a general idea on how the colors do actually work and can help you transform your home into a beautiful balance of peace and harmony.

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Light it Up!!! By CubeDecors(6 Apr,2018)

It is not uncommon for many of us to ignore or underestimate the role of lighting in interior design.

We tend to lay greater stress on furniture, fittings, fixtures, color schemes and other embellishments. Lighting is seen mainly for its functional value – whether it is bright enough for one to perform daily task

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Live Your Style! By CubeDecors (7 mar,2018)

Our homes are our shelter, our refuge from the trials and tribulations of the outer world and an expression of our personalities and creativity

But, somewhere along the way, the idea of home has become distorted, and instead of reflecting

one’s unique style, homes today mirror the pages of glossy design magazines. It’s your home after all! It should please you first and not your guests.

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