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Modular Kitchen

Ever wondered how much of your time is spent in the kitchen? CUBEDECORS helps, time spent, bonding and making magic in the kitchen easy, as the kitchen is built keeping you in mind. Welcome to the limitless area of kitchens, that always have room for more. Apart from providing you the finest and trendiest modular kitchens, we also provide kitchen designs that are, visually appealing, ergonomic, functional and affordable, which makes cooking and dinning, for your family a delightful experience. You can rely on CUBEDECORS to help you visualise, design, install and maintain your dream kitchen.


single-line Modular kitchen in which the working triangle is reduced to a straight line can be the most practical and wonderful solution. It’s also pleasing to look at. This is mostly advisable when you’re short of those extra spaces for bigger kitchen but still to have experience of attractive modular kitchen..


U-shaped Modular kitchen is ideal. It gives you maximum space and plenty of storage options – ensuring that everything is within easy reach. If the room is very large and spacious, it’s more important to ensure that the points of the working triangle are not too far from one another.


L-shaped Modular kitchen is ideal when you want to add a small dining table or kitchen island. It’s also a good way to make the utmost of a corner, as well as integrating the kitchen into a dining area.

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Born from an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to do things differently, CubeDecors was founded in 2017 by a group of designers and construction professionals from around the globe. Each of them brought specialized local knowledge, experience, and talent to the table to craft a new methodology that continues to challenge the industry status quo.

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