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Commercial Interior Design Tips for Your Restaurant/Café

Imagine planning an outing with your dear ones or best friends. You are excited because you have been anticipating dining at this newly launched café. However, when you go, to your utter dismay you discover that the interiors of the café are over-hyped. Your ...
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Design a Unique Office Space

Who wouldn’t like to spend eight hours of their day in an office that has the most inviting interiors and offers special amenities? If you take the offices of Google and Facebook as examples, you will see that their interiors ...
Home Interior Designers in bangalore

Are you Looking for A Good Home Interior Designer in Bangalore?

“Home is where the heart is”. True for all especially after a tiring day at work. Your house interior is the key to a relaxing and calm home. Earlier, people assumed that hiring Interior Designers was nothing more than a pompous ...
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Latest Commercial Interior Designing Trends

These professionals have substantial knowledge of space planning. They closely follow the modern interior designing trends and approaches to give your office that perfect overhaul. Some of the popular commercial interior designing trends include: 1. Comfortable and Functional Furniture Drifting away ...
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What You Should Consider Before Hiring a Home Interior Designer?

Explore more about the designer’s previous work There are numerous home interior decorators in Bangalore and the talents and taste differ from one to another. So, you should go through the designer’s portfolio to find out their strengths, weakness and tastes and ...