Is it time to roll out new interior designs for your home? Then you’re in the right place for some inspiration and information.

The interior design ideas and trends that we’ve seen in 2019 have been blissful. This 2020 many themes, colours, fabrics designs, patterns, colour palettes and more have dominated the market.

Modern, contemporary, industrial, urban, shabby chic… the list goes on. An important challenge many shoppers face is the lack of understanding or vocabulary to explain and outline their interior vogue. , there are enough design patterns to choose from but it’s difficult for the amateur eyes to understand, it is often deciphered that which style can work best for you.

Let us take a look at each style that ruled 2020 and learn how they differ from one another.


Modern is a broad umbrella term that usually refers to a home with clean, crisp lines, simple colour palettes, and the use of materials such as metal, glass, and steel.

Modern vogues employ a sense of candour in every element, including the furniture. Modern style defines style as sleek, with few accessories. Furthermore, the hues of orange, yellow, green, and brown are categorized as modern style.


Modern and contemporary are two styles that are contemplated as identical. The contemporary style is an evolving trend of simplicity, deliberate use of texture, subtle sophistication that focuses on colour, space, and shape that are fresh and sleek.


Traditional design styles are classic, luxurious furnishings, with loads of accessories. It gets its roots from European sensibilities that have depth, dimensionality, and layering. Traditional homes have a lot of variety of textures; they are dark, finished wood, rich colour palettes, and curved lines.


Rustic designs describe natural, raw, and often unfinished elements or reclaimed wood and stones. Rustic designs can also be accessorized from the outdoor designs that are warm and have architectural details that include styles from farmhouse, western, industrial and modern-rustic designs. There are many elements that bond the forms of rustic designs.


Shabby chic gets its inspiration from the vintage-inspired style, antique-style finishes, and furnishings that are jittery but, it tends to be more feminine, soft, and delicate. This trend’s colour palette includes white, cream, and pastels.


The style brings a gritty vibe of the urban context indoors; these interior design styles are distinctive, and often have bohemian looks. These aspects are used in clear open spaces with light colours and clean finishes that give a touch of feminine elegance to the affair. Urban styles help one achieve visual perfection with a lot less hassle. The urban colour palette includes blacks, charcoal and greys.

Along these lines, there are many more interior design styles that ruled 2020, such as Transitional style, Art Deco style, Country style, Coastal style, Eclectic, Vintage, Asian / Zen interior design, Bohemian style, Tropical style, and Hollywood Regency.

Take away

The beauty of the design is its power to transform, adapt, and absorb changes that enhance style and function. The interior designs embody this in your homes to tell a story. One such interior and décor studio is Cubedecors, they are one of the best interior designers in Bangalore and specialize in delivering beautiful customized residential and commercial projects. They provide the current 2020 interior styles ranging from Modern to Memphis-inspired, contemporary to smart homes. So, if you need a change get in touch with Cubedecors Today.

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