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Wooden Flooring Services in Bangalore

Top Quality and Durable Wooden Flooring That You Will Love

Add elegance, warmth and value to your space with beautiful wooden flooring. Whether you desire a traditional look, such as a classic oak wooden floor or something modern and contemporary, like cork or bamboo flooring, Cube Decors have everything you require to get your flooring project done. We are widely appreciated for our interior services, home automation services and wooden flooring services in Bangalore.

Our wooden flooring services in Bangalore include:

  • Wooden floor installation
  • Wooden floor sanding
  • Wooden floor restoration
  • Wooden floor cleaning & maintenance
  • Customized wooden flooring

Why Choose Cube Decors for Wooden Flooring Services in Bangalore?

We have high expertise and rich experience in this line of business so that you can be sure that your preferred wooden flooring is installed to the best possible standard. We offer a wide range of wooden flooring styles to choose from.

We are acclaimed for:

  • High-quality material
  • Knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals
  • Quick and reasonably priced service
  • All workspaces left clean after work is accomplished

Types of Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring is quite an old type of flooring material, but it has never been outdated. It is preferred under special circumstances like in hilly areas. With proper maintenance, wooden flooring can last a long time.

There are various types of wooden flooring, such as:

Solid wood flooring

It is manufactured from a piece of wood which has a thickness of around 20 mm. You can install solid wooden flooring in any room of your house, except in places where there is high moisture content like kitchen, bathroom and basement.

Engineered wood flooring

This type of flooring is made with the core of plywood. A layer of solid wood is attached on its top. Engineered wood flooring can be installed even in kitchens apart from other rooms. Engineered wood flooring imparts more attractive and stylish look than the laminate wood flooring.

Laminate wood flooring

Laminate flooring is made by placing a layer of a photographic image of wood over fibreboard. As this is a synthetic product, the look and feel of natural wood are missing. You can install laminate wood flooring in any room like a bedroom, living room or dining room except the wet areas like the bathroom and laundry room.

If you would like to install new wooden flooring or want your existing floor to look like a new one, then give us a call on +91-9663224224 or email at info@cubedecors.com.

Our Services

Smart Interiors

For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond and balance one another.

AR / VR Solutions

Smart AR Home works by creating augmented reality controls for compatible smart devices. Think dimmer switches for your lights, volume controls for your speakers.

Smart Solutions

A smart home is a residence that uses internet-connected devices to enable the remote monitoring and management of appliances and systems, such as lighting and heating.

Automation & IOT

Automation can be accomplished by using the Internet of Things (IoT). This gives the inhabitant accesses to certain data in the house and the ability to control some parameters remotely.


I've got my Pent house interiors done.., N they have presented it in the way i have imagined. CubeDecors are one of the best interior design company coming up in Bangalore for #sure. They are quick when it comes to project delivery. Designs by Mr.Bharat and Mr.Mohan are very good. Their collection of themes & wall papers are #Unique. Keep up the good work. 🙂

Aarif Mohammed

I came to know abt CubeDecors through on of my colleagues.., i've had a basic idea of renovating our bedrooms.., ltr when the work started , CubeDecors team came up with brilliant ideas and i have managed to Theme Up my entire flat ... KUDOS to the team.. Hi5.. 🙂

Greeshma Mandala

We engaged Cubedecors for our interior designing at Sobha City our sweet home. Bharath was our designer and he came up with very nicyye rich designs, but we told him we are very simple, then he redesigned for us quickly. Journey with Cubedecors went in for 2 months n it was smooth. We liked the team spirit, ownership of Bharath, Uma and also Anwar our project manager. They kept us informed about each stage n also included few changes mid way. We got our sweet home ready on time by team Cubedecors n we really appreciate them for giving us such beautiful look to our home Thanks team Cubedecors n you rock, keep going

Shajan Shaik

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wooden floorings never go out of style. These highly versatile floorings complement all types of interiors. Whether you desire a traditional look or a modern and contemporary one, wooden floorings will add elegance and warmth to your space. Hire the best interior designers in Bangalore for customized wooden flooring to match your style.

On an average, the wooden flooring installation process takes a week’s time to complete

The best way to clean a wooden floor is by using a damp mop. Never use a wet mop to clean the floor as the water can seep in and damage the flooring.

Cube Decors is one of the leading wooden flooring service providers in Bangalore. Also, we offer an extensive variety of wooden flooring styles to choose from. With a high level of skill, rich experience and use of best quality materials, we offer quick and judiciously priced services.

We offer various types of wooden floorings such as solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring and laminate wood flooring.